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Using Docker for your development environment

Why Docker? Because it starting faster than vagrant, because you don't need to install all required libs, utils etc. on you OS, because you can make the same environment that on your production server and all developers that works on the project will use the same environment(same OS, same versions etc.).

I'll show in this post how to create LAMP containers group. 

First that you need it's install Docker, just follow the instructions on official Docker site
When you have Docker installed let's create directory structure for our containers:
$ mkdir ~/docker-composedocker-compose directory will contain our docker-compose settings.
Now let's create docker-compose settings file for our lamp containers group:
$ cd ~/docker-compose $ mkdir lamp $ touch lamp/docker-compose.yml $ vim lamp/docker-compose.ymlAnd paste this code to the docker-compose.yml:
version: '3.2' services: mysql: image: mysql environment: MYSQL_ROOT_PASSWORD: root …